Two T's Great Pyrenees

High Quality Great Pyrenees in North Carolina

Great Pyrenees are EXTREMELY smart and wonderful companions. They are very LOYAL to their family and protective of their love ones. They have a natural instinct to protect and if used on a farm or ranch they can make excellent LGD's.


We expect our Pyr’s to have certain traits.

  1. Must have a friendly and pleasing personality and stable temperament.
  2. Should be strong, healthy and pass all of their health tests.
  3. Proper movement while running and moving in the ring or at home.
  4. They should follow the Great Pyrenees Breed Standard.

Great Pyrenees Club of America

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Our Breeding Program

We take our breeding program very serious. We never breed a litter of puppies just for the sake of having puppies. We always have a goal in mind with each litter. We do not make money producing puppies. If you are thinking that raising puppies is an easy source of income you are MISTAKEN! Our puppies are seen by our Veterinarian multiple times before they leave our home. The puppies will be wormed on a regular time frame to assure good health. The puppies will be kept current on their shots and vaccines.

We do extensive health tests on every dog that we own or keep on our place. We only feed a high quaity food to maintain proper weight and health. Our females that are bred are feed all they desire to eat from thirty days before whelping till the puppies are six weeks old and then we gradually cut them back to a normal diet.

We believe in high standards and ethics in all that we do. Our Great Pyrenees are registered with AKC even if they are spayed/neutered or going to a working farm. In addition, all of our Great Pyrenees are micro chipped and registered with a pet recovery service for their safety and the owner's protection.

Great Pyrenees Club of America

Two T's Great Pyrenees MUST pass their health tests!

Great Pyrenees Club of America

All of our Great Pyrenees Dogs and Puppies are AKC registered.

Great Pyrenees Club of America

Two T's Promises to uphold the standards and ethics of GPCA

Great Pyrenees Club of America

We are proud members of the Great Pyrenees Club of America. We follow their code of ethics and expect anyone that purchases dogs or puppies from us to follow those standards. Membership to the GPC is not required to own one of our dogs. However, agreeing to the code of ethics is required and membership is encouraged to support and uphold the breed standards.

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We also belong to our Great Pyrenees Regional Club here in North Carolina. The Research Triangle Park Great Pyrenees Club was started March 21, 2014. (RTPGPC for short)

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